Fastly connection options

Directly connect with Fastly

Fastly allows you to connect on your terms, from your origin via the internet or directly with your cloud provider, private network, or internet exchange point. By connecting directly, audio, media and video companies can reduce transit costs, increase availability, and reduce latency.

Ways to connect

Connect Fastly directly to your servers

If you are operating your own server hardware, Origin Connect provides a fully supported, dedicated private network interconnection between your origin server and a Fastly Shield POP. 

Traffic sent across this connection reduces your egress transit costs, while using dedicated bandwidth to increase availability, reliability and performance.

Optimize connectivity with your cloud storage providers

If your origin servers are located in a Cloud storage provider, you can benefit from reduced egress costs through Fastly’s partner relationships with Azure, Google Cloud Platform and BackBlaze.

Fastly’s edge cloud platform has also been designed for optimized connectivity with cloud storage partners, including AWS, to ensure the most performant and stable connections back to your origin servers in your preferred cloud storage solution.

Connect through an Internet Exchange Point

If your connectivity needs don't require dedicated connections, you may be able to peer with Fastly through one of the many Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in which we participate.

ISP Peering

For Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Content Networks looking for IPv4 connectivity, we offer a selective peering policy. Please contact us at and see our peering page for more details.