Streaming Media Delivery

CDN Video Streaming: Built for performance

Get low-latency streaming delivery and minimal rebuffering events with Fastly’s Streaming Media Delivery and provide broadcast-quality live and video-on-demand experiences on any device, anywhere.

Fastly’s Streaming Media Delivery is built for performance, configurability, and real-time visibility. And with 265+ Tbps capacity and growing, it instantly scales to meet the industry’s largest video and streaming services needs.

If you are not a media company, check out our Full Site Delivery solutions.

An IDC MarketScape Worldwide Commercial CDN Leader

Recognized in 2022 as a Leader by IDC for our innovative, developer-focused content delivery services. 

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Fastly Named a Customers' Choice for Global CDN 2022

Fastly received the highest customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, and 97% said they would recommend it to other customers. 

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Better control and performance

Centralize management and create a single origin for multiple CDNs by adding on Media Shield, and improve your performance and availability in the process.

Developer-first configurability

Fastly puts the tools in developers hands, with full API integration and a highly configurable edge computing language that lets you generate, compile, and implement changes quickly, with no downtime or support calls.

Reduce costs

Reduce overall bandwidth and request volume which results in lower egress costs and requires fewer origin servers to handle the same volume of traffic.


Streaming Media Delivery for Live

Our platform supports delivery of all major HTTP video streaming formats on any public or private headend deployment. We partner with best-of-breed vendors, like Brightcove, Wowza and Videon, to improve the flexibility and scale of live streaming video workflows. Using our API, you can self-provision and configure your live delivery in minutes.

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Streaming Media Delivery for Video-on-demand (VOD)

Fastly’s modern video CDN is designed to cache and rapidly deliver both frequently requested and long-tail, on-demand videos. With higher cache hit rates, we significantly reduce load on your origin while accelerating time to first frame (TTFF) globally.

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Origin Connect

For customers who need to support large spikes in video or live streaming traffic, Origin Connect offers dedicated bandwidth. Your traffic is sent across secure private paths rather than going over the public internet, effectively reducing latency

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Key features

Full control of HTTP headers

Fastly gives you complete control over HTTP headers so you can determine how you want your content served, including the ability to send one set of instructions to your Fastly services and another set of instructions to downstream caches, proxies or browsers.

Time to Live (TTL) controls

Content expiration is controlled via Time to Live (TTL) settings you configure that work as timers on your cached content.

Static, dynamic and video content delivery

Fastly does not charge separately for web vs. streaming content nor for features like instant purging that make supporting dynamic and event-driven content possible. We provide one programmable service that optimizes all types of HTTP content.

Dynamic ad insertion preparation

Fastly allows you embed custom metadata or ad markers about a stream into video segments at specified time instances.

API configurability

The API is organized into collections of endpoints that allow manipulation of objects related to Fastly services and accounts.

Dedicated IPs

Can be used to support TLS certificate management for non-SNI clients, to support custom cipher suites or IP-to-service pinning, or to help manage zero-rated billing endpoints.

Supplier Provided Prefix (BYOIP)

Allows you to have your IP spaces announced, routed, and served by Fastly infrastructure for use with production services.

Edge logic and advanced content delivery control

Streaming Media Delivery gives you direct access to content delivery, control and edge logic capabilities.


WebSockets provide a persistent connection between a client and server that both parties can use to start sending data at any time.

Real-time Control
Instant purge

Remove your cached content worldwide on demand, within milliseconds, when your dynamic or event-driven content changes.

Soft purge

Allows you to mark content as outdated (stale) instead of permanently purging and thereby deleting it from Fastly's caches.

Surrogate keys

Easily associate different types of content with a single key to make nuanced purging for a large number of objects as easy as a single purge request.

Real-time log streaming

To help you tune the performance of your Fastly services, we support real-time log streaming of data that passes through Fastly.

Grace Mode

Grace mode shields application servers by instructing Streaming Media Delivery to continue to serve stale or expired (but likely still valid) content to end users for a set amount of time.

Content protection

Fastly can encrypt videos packaged into HLS and MPEG-DASH and supports multiple Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies.

Origin health checks

Fastly performs health checks on your origin server based on the check frequency setting you select in the create a new health check page.


Fastly can automatically detect and, in real time, route around transient connection problems that occur when fetching content from your origin servers or when delivering content to end users from Fastly's edge cloud.

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Fastly supports a variety of Transport Layer Security (TLS) services that allow websites and applications to serve traffic over HTTP Secure (HTTPS), providing added privacy and data security for your services and end users.

Always-on DDoS mitigation

Fastly's globally distributed network was built to absorb Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.


Fastly caches your content close to end users throughout the world so it can be served more quickly and reduce load and cost of your origin services

Origin shielding

You can designate a Fastly point of presence (POP) to serve as a shield for your origin servers, enabling increased cache hit rates for your Fastly services and potentially protecting your origin servers from unexpected spikes in requests.

Request collapsing

Fastly's request collapsing feature groups those requests and fulfills them together when it receives the refreshed content from your origin.

Content compression

Fastly can compress your content in real-time at the edge, providing snappier end user experiences and off loading content compression from your origin services.

Support plans

Fastly offers several support plans to meet your needs: standard, gold and enterprise.


Free of charge and available as soon as you sign up with Fastly.


Proactive alerts for high-impact events, expedited 24/7 incident response times, and a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee.


Gives you the added benefits of emergency escalation for support cases and 24/7 responses for inquiries (not just incidents).

Concierge TLS

An add on to enterprise support that provides a white-glove solution for all your TLS needs. Dig in deeper now.

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Fastly has been named a Leader in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Commercial Content Delivery Network Services 2022