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The Edge Advantage

See the benefits of implementing an edge strategy and discover use cases to better understand the edge advantage.

Observability at the Edge with Fastly and Datadog

Datadog and Fastly can improve user experiences, accelerate development, and take advantage of edge computing.

Fastly Next-Gen Web Application Firewall Video

See why companies are relying on our Next-Gen Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect websites, apps, and APIs.

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Identifying Web Attack Indicators

This white paper examines malicious web request patterns for the most common web attack methods.

DDoS Mitigation Video

Learn how our DDoS Mitigation services can protect your business

Fastly's Modern CDN Video

Fastly's CDN is fully configurable and designed to work seamlessly with your technology stack. Real-time visibility and control allow you to…

Fastly Product Overview: Image Optimizer Video

Image optimization doesn’t have to mean more manual work for your team or investing in a costly dedicated solution. Fastly's Image Optimizer…

Fastly DDOS Mitigation Datasheet

Fastly’s DDoS mitigation is an always-on security solution. Our entire network acts as a scrubbing center for DDoS attacks, offering you the…

Fastly High Volume Logging Datasheet

Real-time logging lets you see what’s happening with your traffic and empowers you to make informed decisions.