Release Notes RSS

Q1 2023

This quarter our teams concentrated on Fanout LA and Brotli that helps enable user data privacy, messaging at the edge and compression. Free TLS services are now included in our free developer accounts. On the security front, a new Managed Security Service ensures your websites and applications are protected for Next-Gen WAF customers. High performance edge storage is now offered as part of Compute@Edge and you can host Remix applications on our Compute platform.

Q4 2022

Ending the year out strong, our product portfolio has grown to include even more network services, security, and observability capabilities. On the security side, Next-Gen WAF now supports Log4Shell attack signal within SmartParse and GraphQL by default to keep up with the evolving threat landscape. To protect against DDoS attacks TLS Support ECSDA Certificates are now available in the Fastly UI. For network services, Automation Tokens and customer headers for health checks entered general availability. These features both streamline service management workflows. Two new features, Websockets and Image Optimizer self-enablement are also available in the Fastly console. Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Pub/Sub logging endpoints now do not require saving service keys in the FAstly app, so customers can manage temporary credentials for logging endpoint configuration.

Q3 2022

This quarter our teams concentrated on Fastly Next-Gen WAF, Cloud WAF, and Image Optimizer capabilities. Along with our Next-Gen WAF edge deployment reaching general availability (GA) in the Essentials package, customers can also enjoy the additions of CVE signals and Log Sampling Time Series improvements. Our integration with AWS Lambda enables developers to start a Lambda function to activate the Fastly Next-Gen WAF agent. Our next-gen WAF cloud deployment now supports multi-origin workspace and will continue to do so for all new instances moving forward. Fastly’s Image Optimizer continues to reduce infrastructure costs and improve end-user experience by supporting AVIF format, a new image format meant for compression and lightning quick delivery.

Q2 2022

As the weather heats up, so does our product portfolio. Observability has been a top priority and we are proud to announce Origin Inspector and Domain Inspector in General Availability, which can be self-enabled straight from the Fastly UI. On the security front, Fastly Next-Gen WAF Edge Deployment is now in GA and CVE signals are also available for Essential Plan customers. Our long time product, Image Optimizer, also got a tune up and now offers feature trim-color, which adds a border to an image without sacrificing end-user performance. Last but not least, JavaScript SDK has been added to Compute@Edge’s supported languages.

Q1 2022

The new year is in full swing with our Q1 releases. Fastly continues to play a leading role in defining the future of the internet, including HTTP/3 & QUIC, the next version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol which we now support. On the security side the Fastly Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences) can now be deployed at the Fastly edge. Other security releases include custom response codes in GA and agent support for Arm-based devices in LA. GraphQL Inspection has also reached limited availability and can be combined with Fastly Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences) to provide more API coverage. Lastly Fastly 101 is live in our documentation where customers can follow project-based tutorials.

Q4 2021

As another year ends, we reflect on Q4 releases. We are delighted to open our Compute@Edge Free Trial with $50 in credits so that you can test our platform. Simply navigate to the Compute tab in the Fastly UI to start a service. While you’re at it, consider adding Origin Inspector to your observability strategy. This new update provides real-time and historical datasets and visualization of your origin traffic to the Fastly edge cloud network. On the security side, Signal Sciences Advanced Rate Limiting customer-defined client identifiers has more than doubled to 25,000, arming customers in the premier package with more effective protection. Cloud WAF VPC 2.0 was also released and allows each deployment to handle more simultaneous connections from Cloud WAF to a single origin.

Q3 2021

Another quarter has flown by and we are delighted to announce the following Compute@Edge and security additions to our product portfolio.

Compute@Edge users can now locally test applications and access eight new health metrics. On the security side, next-gen WAF customers can request health checks on their service and receive expert advice on how to improve their deployment. Rate limiting is now available in two options: Fastly’s Edge Rate Limiting and Non-IP Rate Limiting. Fastly’s Edge Rate Limiting helps to sustain uptime during automated attacks. Non-IP Rate Limiting enables customers to include non-IP values such as cookie value to the rate limit. Lastly, Subscriber Provided Prefix has graduated to General Availability, allowing users to maintain their own IP addresses.

Q2 2021

As another quarter ends we are happy to announce the following updates to our product portfolio. On the security side, we now offer a variety of TLS certificate options including GlobalSign OV and multi-domain. Customers can also manage Fastly TLS and Platform TLS through Terraform. We introduced our first managed security offering - Fastly Response Security Service - for rapid response in the event of a suspected attack. Dedicated Protocol Addresses has been promoted to General Availability. Customers can also easily reserve network capacity for high traffic events with Capacity Reservation. In real-time logging, the Amazon Kinesis endpoint has also graduated to General Availability.

Q1 2021

As we enter a new year we are excited to see what 2021 has in store for our product portfolio.

Compute@Edge continues to grow with the addition of Log Tailing. Fastly TLS: Multi-SAN certificates entered limited availability and the Fastly WAF rule library grew. On the Signal Sciences side, the ATO and API Dashboards were updated to display security telemetry for over 20 signals and the official Okta integration added support for provisioning and user management. Fastly now offers High Volume Logging for customers who use real-time logging at scale. The Logging Metrics UI has also been updated, along with added region support for Logentries and maximum bytes for Microsoft Azure Blob storage.

Q4 2020

This past year was quite an adventure and we are proud to announce our latest releases through the last months of 2020.

Our product portfolio for media and entertainment providers grew to include Media Shield for VOD, Device Detection, and OTFP Multi-language support in LA. On the delivery side, our Metro Shield in Los Angeles, California is now in production and HTTP3/QUIC is in limited availability. Compute@Edge graduated to limited availability and we are excited to see what customers build in this new serverless compute environment. In response to the needs of some of our enterprise customers, we enabled multi account user access within the Fastly application to streamline logins. Last but definitely not least we added Apache Kafka in general availability and Amazon Kinesis Data Stream in limited availability to our ever-growing list of logging endpoints.

Q3 2020

This quarter Fastly has made great strides to bring Fastly to the Google Cloud Marketplace and strengthen our security portfolio. Fastly is the first edge cloud network to be available in the GCP marketplace. On the security side, Fastly WAF and TLS 1.3 are functional in General Availability with TLS Commercial CA option with Globalsign in Limited Availability. We also continue to improve our existing products and services such as Fastly Image Optimizer, Terraform support, real-time logging, and network performance. The Diff view in the Fastly app has also been adjusted to upgrade usability.

Q2 2020

We are excited to announce another quarter of updates and launches. Our network capacity has reached 100 tbps, a proud milestone for our team. Our Developer Hub is up and running, helping Fastly customers get the most from our platform. On the logging front, we added a Datadog endpoint in limited availability. In the Fastly App, Audit View is now available to all Fastly users along with additional user experience enhancements. And at the start of the quarter, the Round Robin director was officially retired.