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Analyze 100% of your data in real-time

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Do you have the data you need to continuously innovate or diagnose traffic issues immediately? Be prepared and act quickly with real-time logging.

Whether you are looking for real time insights on traffic, system health, or suspicious activity, Fastly logging allows you to customize and visualize your data with our logging endpoint partners or with our in-house inspection capabilities.


Real-time logging

Build your own observability system by streaming data to your chosen logging services. Diagnose issues in real-time then deploy fixes immediately all while your end-users enjoy uninterrupted service.

Granular historical data

Our granular datasets provide 100% of your data, not just a subset. Visualize actionable intelligence that supports your agile and continuous development.

Live event monitoring

Prepare for large scale live events with our logging experts. Report and react to network behavior instantly to ensure your single or multi-CDN environment is running smoothly and doesn’t impact the visitor’s experience.

Log tailing with Compute@Edge

Test your applications built with Compute@Edge by streaming customer logs to the terminal of your choice, instead of using a third-party service.

Logging Insights

Streamline your data strategy with the help of our Fastly experts. Let us create custom dashboards so your team can focus on actionable data instead of searching endlessly through log files.

Monitor and protect

Investigate traffic anomalies and respond to potential security incidents. Our integrations with logging partners allow you to store and review Fastly log data to identify suspicious activity.

Uncover valuable insights with Fastly Logging, so you can:

  • Maintain network uptime
  • View critical traffic analytics
  • Troubleshoot rapidly
  • Prepare for large live scale events
  • Quantify infrastructure investment


Real-time Logging

Fastly enables developers to choose from a number of logging endpoints. Syslog streams and logs are shipped to an ever growing list of endpoint partners.

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High Volume Logging

For customers who require a scalable logging service, High Volume Logging streams real-time data to a laundry list of logging endpoints. Real-time log data allows developers to continuously iterate and improve end-user experience.

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Live Event Monitoring

Real-time monitoring, streaming delivery, and flexible deployment combine to reduce costs during your live large scale events. Add capacity planning and request collapsing to deliver your event with resiliency.

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Logging Insights

Allow our team to create preconfigured dashboards so that you can focus your attention on diagnosing and troubleshooting issues for optimal performance.

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Log Tailing with Compute@Edge

Avoid difficult third party log management and debugging challenges with Log Tailing in Compute@Edge. Immediate visibility into log messages from your applications helps you to quickly identify bugs all within your terminal of choice with Fastly Command Line Interface.

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Key features

Real-time log streaming

To help you tune the performance of your Fastly services, we support real-time log streaming of data that passes through Fastly.

Instant purge

Remove your cached content worldwide on demand, within milliseconds, when your dynamic or event-driven content changes.

Capacity reservations

Capacity Reservation allows you to reserve Fastly traffic capacity for events based on data bandwidth in gigabits (Gb) per second, duration, and type of delivery.

Audit log

Monitor service account activity and information with audit log via the Fastly API or web interface. Track when API tokens are created, user login activity, when configuration and security setting changes.

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