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Granular control over routing decisions

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Our Layer 7 Load Balancer lets you define content-aware routing decisions while ensuring instant convergence and failover. Unlike DNS-based solutions, our Load Balancer gives you granular control, immediate scalability, and real-time visibility.


Content-aware routing

We balance HTTP and HTTPS requests to your servers using granular content-aware routing decisions and allow you to create custom rules to route traffic using various request aspects. This lets you better support your application architecture and optimize client responses before delivery.

Highly configurable

Our dynamic server functionality allows you to programmatically add, delete, or modify your servers. Instant convergence means you won’t have to wait for time-to-live (TTL) changes on DNS records, and automatic HTTP-based health checks confirm that requests go to healthy and responsive servers.

Flexible and scalable

Use us as a global server load balancer (GSLB) or local server load balancer (LSLB) within each data center or cloud region. Our load balancer can also instantly scale to multiple terabits per second (Tbps) for cost efficiency and transparency.

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