Fastly Compute@Edge

Faster, simpler, and more secure serverless code.

Fastly’s Compute@Edge offering allows you to build high scale, globally distributed applications and execute code at the edge — without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. Deploy and run complex logic for any application or backend service with our secure, performant, and scalable approach to serverless computing.

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Execute code faster

Compute@Edge provides a 100x faster code execution startup time than other serverless solutions. Run your code on hundreds of servers located around the world simultaneously. There are no cold starts or roundtrip delays — just fast, always-on computing.

Enhance security and reliability

Operating within microseconds, our isolation technology helps protect you from side-channel attacks and diminishes resource contention while offering consistent performance you can count on. By creating and destroying a sandbox for each request that comes through the platform, we limit the blast radius of buggy code or configuration mistakes from other users and can reduce the attack surface area.

Build exceptional user experiences

Better end user experiences are at the forefront of digital transformation. Write, deploy, and test your code on the Fastly edge using a powerful local development and debugging environment. From there, we manage everything required to scale it instantly and globally, as close to your end users as possible.

Leverage familiar tools and languages

Developer experience and intuitive tool sets matter. With Compute@Edge, you can program in familiar languages, like Rust and JavaScript, port your code across cloud providers, and get an up-to-the-second view of your services. Plus, Compute@Edge seamlessly integrates into your existing tech stack.

A Forrester New Wave™ Leader 2021

With an execution speed 100 times faster than other solutions and unmatched isolation technology security, Compute@Edge was named a Leader in the Forrester New Wave: Edge Development Platforms report.

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Compute@Edge benefits.

  • Scale instantly and globally

  • Build better user experiences

  • Reduce load times

  • Get real-time visibility

  • Reduce time to market

  • Integrate DevOps workflows

  • Built-in security

  • Reduce infrastructure costs

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“Today, using Rust on the edge, Compute@Edge has become the foundation for loveholidays’ entire experimentation platform, where we’re now seeing runtimes for our entire application at an impressive two milliseconds.”
David Annez
Head of Engineering

Use cases

Because Compute@Edge moves application logic as close to your users’ devices as possible, the opportunities for innovation and mission-critical use cases are endless.

  • Content stitching
  • A/B testing
  • Waiting room tokens
  • Enhanced API performance
  • Authentication
  • No downtime delivery
  • Ad targeting
  • Video content prefetching
  • API queries

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Key features

Device detection

Device detection presents the right content for the right device, enhancing the overall quality of the delivery


Use the geolocation features to create location-based tagging

Edge database

Store and use key value pairs at the edge of our network

Powerful caching

Cache the output of commonly executed logic and fill requests faster


WebSockets provide a persistent connection between a client and server that both parties can use to start sending data at any time.

Real-time logging

Get a real-time and customizable view into your services and stream to over 27 logging supported endpoints

Customizable stats

Real-time, historical, and customizable stats that you can tailor to your specific needs

Log tailing

Stream logs in real-time in the Command Line Interface to support troubleshooting and debugging

Tracing support

Export performance and tracing data to a third-party system using industry standard tools

Full command line control

Program, build, and deploy apps with a seamless workflow

User Interface

Configure multiple features and measure the performance of your services

Intuitive Application Programming Interface

Programmatically interact with Compute@Edge and integrate Fastly into your workflows

Local testing

Test your work-in-progress applications locally using the Fastly Command Line Interface

Terraform API support

Rapidly program, configure, and provision infrastructure

Rust language

Develop in Rust (our most mature language) and compile to WebAssembly

AssemblyScript language (Beta)

Develop in AssemblyScript (a variant of TypeScript) and compile to WebAssembly

JavaScript language

Develop in JavaScript (our most popular language) and compile to WebAssembly

Debug quickly with live log tailing

Stream custom log messages within a terminal or test applications running on Compute@Edge to identify program errors and quickly debug your code without having to use a third-party service.

Trace individual end-user requests

For customers building with Compute@Edge we tag individual end-user requests with unique identifiers and maintain request tracing parameters by tracking when users enter and exit our serverless platform.

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Support plans

Fastly offers several support plans to meet your needs: standard, gold and enterprise.


Free of charge and available as soon as you sign up with Fastly.


Proactive alerts for high-impact events, expedited 24/7 incident response times, and a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee.


Gives you the added benefits of emergency escalation for support cases and 24/7 responses for inquiries (not just incidents).

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