Fastly Edge Cloud Platform

Scalable, secure and fast

Make sure your websites, applications and services are able to scale to meet the demand of your users, are delivered securely and as fast as possible with Fastly.

Fastly’s edge cloud platform was designed from the ground up to be highly performant and secure while seamlessly scaling to support your growth. Our modern network is designed to give you a competitive edge with built-in security, so you can deliver content quickly and confidently.

Fastly's distributed edge network means your business can unleash its growth potential without worrying about scaling your infrastructure, whether growth of users, transaction volume, or geographic expansion.

Performance we can prove.

Our powerful edge cloud platform takes full advantage of modern internet architecture to deliver on our promise of speed, scale, and reliability.

265 Tbps

Edge network capacity1

150 ms

Mean purge time2


Customers run our

next-gen WAF in

blocking mode3

>1.4 trillion

Daily requests served4

As of March 31, 2023

As of December 31, 2019

As of March 31, 2021

As of January 1, 2022

Distributed Edge Network

Our modern network gives you a competitive edge, whether you’re building on our platform or delivering the content your users want to consume: you get the speed and performance needed to stay ahead of competition.

Modern POP design

Fewer, more powerful POPs are strategically located near major cloud providers and peered with Internet Exchange Points around the world so you can deliver content as close to the user as possible and win against your competitors when it comes to user experience.


Our proprietary software-defined network with built-in routing and load balancing, make your web and mobile apps highly performant and responsive. We determine the optimal routing in real-time taking into account internet congestion or content type to ensure the best user experience.

The latest protocols

Our network supports modern protocols like HTTP/3 and QUIC, providing a better digital experience for your end users by reducing web latency and delays.

  • “Fastly changes how we think about infrastructure. It acts as an extension of 1stdibs’ stack, giving us the benefits of instant configurability changes and log streaming, which outweigh anything other CDNs offer.”
    Ross Paul
  • “With the number and strategic placement of Fastly’s edge servers, we’ve really seen increased site speed as compared to our previous provider. Deliveroo is very JavaScript heavy, so any improvement in those page load times makes a huge difference for the end user.”
    Martin Phee
    Senior Software Engineer
  • “Before Fastly, we had latency issues and costs were out of control. Fastly provides an umbrella solution that delivers results and aligns with our business model — something other vendors couldn’t provide.”
    Patricio "Pato" Echagüe
    Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

Built-in security

We have built security into the very fabric of our edge cloud platform alongside performance.

Rapid traffic inspection

Massive compute power allows us to inspect network data packets as they flow through our POPs, including SSL traffic. We can quickly identify malicious code or monitor for DDoS or bot attacks. And with our fully configurable network, we can instantly protect customers by rerouting or blackholing bad traffic.

Threat monitoring

With all the traffic flowing through our POPs, we have visibility into a huge amount of activity on the Internet. We get a first look at nefarious behavior and unusual activity, which can be quickly examined by our Security Research team to create new patterns to monitor and potentially block.


We believe that security should be a core part of the software or application delivery lifecycle, not just bolted-on. Our security offerings include real-time visibility into threats and vulnerabilities, near-instant policy changes and integrations with DevOps and security toolchains for better sharing and correlation. This allows software teams to integrate security into their DevSecOps lifecycle.

  • “Out-of-the-box configuration was an immediate uplift not only for general visibility but to stop a lot of bogus traffic from hitting our resources.”
    Corey Mahan
    Director of Security
  • “Fastly’s next-gen WAF pulls out needles from the haystack in one quick view, and it integrates with all of our ChatOps tooling - it’s powerful. I don’t have to be a security expert to understand what’s going on.”
    Ben Rockwood
    Director of Engineering
  • “Fastly’s DDoS mitigation capabilities allow us to quickly scale while remaining protected from a wide range of security threats.”
    Tom Hayman
    Head of Platform Engineering

You can build and experiment with a leader in the serverless compute environment using languages your teams already know and gain even more reliability and security guarantees. You can expand the art of what’s possible in your infrastructure, platform or DevOps engineering.

Serverless compute environment

Build even more complex logic, without having to know the specifics of a domain-specific language or managing the underlying infrastructure, allowing you to gain even more power to configure your services yourself.

Programmable edge

You don’t have to think about deployment tasks or scalability, which allows you to ship code and configs faster, accelerate your infra innovation, and support optimization that makes you even more competitive and potentially expand into new product lines. 

Multi-language support

Fastly is the only platform with multi-language support because we know it is costly to train developers in a new language or hire developers who already know the language.  

Globally distributed

Customers can run thousands of processes per second on every server in our fleet and millions of requests per second globally. Gain global scale automatically without effort on your part. You can also execute logic closer to the user which means faster and more personalized experiences. 

Instant observability

Instantly see how your code is performing in our distributed runtime environment and quickly identify potential bottlenecks.We capture massive amounts of data about network performance with the ability to process this data in near-real time. 

Safely experiment

Ship more quickly without worrying about the potential impact or having to figure how to optimize your infrastructure. Built on WebAssembly (WASM), we  are leading the serverless community when it comes to reliability. Running logic for multiple apps in parallel can introduce vulnerabilities. To address this, we built a secure sandbox environment to create and destroy each request as it flows through our platform.

Photo of man using a computer sitting on a hill overlooking a city at sunset.
  • “The thing I like best about Fastly is that it just works right. That’s the kind of infrastructure I’d like to rely on.”
    Jonathan Nolen
    Senior Vice President of Engineering and Product
  • "Starting with Fastly was probably the fastest infrastructure onboarding we've ever done. In less than three weeks, we went from 'Hey, we should talk with someone at Fastly' to having Compute@Edge fully in production."
    Jake Loveless