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Organizations facing automated web-layer attacks rely on Fastly's Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences) to identify and mitigate malicious bots from attacking their web applications and APIs. 

Already have a bot solution in place? With our highly programmable edge cloud platform, we’ve partnered with HUMAN and DataDome to offer anti-automation and bot protection at the network edge.

Protect your apps and your bottom line

Bad bots can negatively impact your bottom line and customer experiences. Fastly’s next-gen WAF (formerly Signal Sciences) acts fast to identify and mitigate bad bot activity, protecting your applications and APIs against a variety of bot-driven malicious scenarios.

Reduce fraud and resource abuse

Our bot protection eliminates excessive abuse and misuse of application resources that power fraudulent activity, such as account takeover or application DDoS. Blocking malicious automated bots at the request ensures that web resources are only serving real customers. It also reduces the ancillary costs of fraud such as customer support tickets, fraudulent charges, and more. 

Safeguard brand reputation

Stopping malicious bot attacks helps maintain brand reputation and customer trust, especially when it comes to account security —a key concern for e-commerce and financial services organizations. We block bot-powered attacks, like credential stuffing and account takeover, that can negatively impact your customer's experience.

Maintain competitive advantage

From stealing content to page ranking, malicious bots can directly affect your bottom line. Fastly empowers organizations to stop click fraud, content scraping (such as inventory availability, price lists, or other IP), SEO manipulation, and other bot attacks from impacting revenue.

Bot protection use cases

We provide detection and mitigation of anomalous and velocity-based bot attacks based on request header and body anomalies, traffic source reputation, and other criteria. Volumetric bot-generated traffic is mitigated via advanced rate limiting to both detect and prevent automated behavior against your applications and APIs.

Credential stuffing

Safeguard customer and corporate accounts and save traffic resources by blocking malicious automated credential testing on your login pages.

Account takeover

Block account takeover attacks to reduce fraudulent activity and protect your brand reputation and customer relationships.

Gift and credit card fraud

Stop malicious bots from brute-force testing stolen credit card or gift card numbers that lead to fraudulent purchases. 

Content scraping

Maintain your competitive edge and SEO rankings by preventing bots from scanning and copying your unique content to be used on other sites.

Professional services

From initial deployment to 24/7 expert response, our Customer Security Operations Center (CSOC) and team of application security experts—technical account managers (TAM)—are here to help at every step. We offer:

Bot partners

Leveraging Fastly’s edge cloud platform, our bot partners HUMAN and DataDome have built solutions that combine their advanced behavior-based bot detection with our rapid mitigation capabilities at the network edge.

Customers can also purchase HUMAN directly through Fastly to combine their exceptional bot protection and remediation capabilities with Fastly's Next-Gen WAF.

Our tight integration gives customers performant protection without sacrificing efficiency, featuring:

  • Real-time blocking and decisioning from browser, user, and device data 

  • CDN-cached sensors that run in the background in asynchronous, non-blocking mode

  • Fastly’s multi-terabit-per-second network that serves as a distributed filter for bot policy enforcement

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